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Wedding is a lifetime commitment. Therefore, you’ll naturally wanna get all the best advice you can get, from friends, families, to the neighbors, or the old couples you see in the park. Literally everyone. However, remember – too many cooks spoil the soup. And yes, it all comes down to one source for the best wedding advice, and you’re reading it right now!

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Ok, let’s dive right into the advice:

Have a plan

Sound simple enough right? But this is the single best advice you can ever have. Do not wait until starting a marriage that you start asking about where should the two settle, whether to have dog or not, or should we have kids right away or wait until 2 years. Talk it out with your partner, and sort it out. The more detailed the possible, so you can worry less about that and focus more on the romance.

Or a simple thing like a best wedding place? You’ll have to settle it out guys!

Prepare yourself for the housework

Be Romantic | Groom and Bride

Living together, and building a home is no easy task. If you are a husband-to-be, better learn how to operate the most basic things around the house. Knowing how to find the best air compressor, or basic wood-working or nailing would score greatly in your wife’s eyes. Airtoolguy is a great site for you to learn and read all air compressor reviews

And ladies, do learn how to cook, so your husband don’t have to go to the restaurant so often. It is the best way to heat the love in marriage too.

Always be romantic and love each other

Yeah, after marriage, the reality kicks in, wearing off the romance you too have when dating. Keep it up, and make it conciously fire up, once in a while. Don’t let other half be disappointed. Little things mean a lot in the long time. Remember it.


Don’t stress to much. After all, it is a day to remember, that do not happen so often (hopefully). So just be your best, be present and always a loving part for the other half. And may you live happily ever after. So that’s the best advice I have for you. Do I miss anything? Leave a comment, and we’re right on track for answering you.

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Your Wedding Registry: Essential Items for the Home

During the months leading up to your wedding, you’re going to want to put together a comprehensive wedding registry. This makes it tremendously easier for your guests to discover the items that you need. Of course, it helps to ensure that you receive the specific items needed for your home, once the wedding has concluded. With that said, you will want to explore the information below to discover items that should be included on your wedding registry!



Every couple needs plates and bowls. These items serve several different purposes. They can be stylish and add elegance to your home. At the same time, they can be used to prepare and serve food! A small set shouldn’t be overly expensive and is certainly an acceptable addition to your wedding’s registry. Remember to consider the style and color of your dinnerware, before adding them to your list. Make sure that the plates and bowls will match your home’s décor.

Wine Glasses

While it is true that a lot of couples will be drinking a lot of wine, during the wedding, many will want to do so well after the wedding has ended. Aside from the tasty wine, you’re also going to need some elegant and classy wine glasses. So what if you already have a few? The truth is that these glasses are typically very fragile and will break very easily. Therefore, having a few extra never hurts. Add them to your list and someone will most likely grant your wedding wish!

A Cordless Drill

Remember that you’re likely going to be doing a handful of home improvement projects around your home. Aside from a hammer and screwdriver, you’re also going to need a cordless drill, which makes all home improvement tasks tremendously easier! Thankfully, these tools aren’t very expensive and will make a good addition to your wedding registry. Make sure to choose a reliable brand that will prove to be well worth the money!

An Iron or Steamer

Anyone that wants to dress stylishly will need an iron or a steamer! If you do not have one of these items, you’re certainly going to need one! Make sure that you shop around, before adding one of these to your registry! You’re going to want to make sure that the item is reliable, but affordable. You don’t want to bankrupt your guests, after all.

Vacuum Cleaners

Of course, all couples will be in need of a high-quality vacuum cleaner. You will need to decide, whether an upright or cylinder vacuum is suitable for your needs. It is vital that you add a vacuum to your wedding gift registry. Be informative, when filling out your registry, because you want to receive the exact design that you prefer. A vacuum cleaner is a necessity for all households and this is the greatest opportunity for you to get one, without you having to purchase it.

Small Appliances

Small appliances are required to run a household efficiently and properly. Add a toaster, blender, coffeemaker, and a mixer to your wedding registry. You will need to keep in mind that these products should be affordable for all of your guests. Select a variety of brands for them to choose from, so that they will find a small appliance that fits their financial budget. Avoid asking for overpriced items, since this would put a lot of pressure on your friends and family, which could potentially force them to purchase an inexpensive item that, is not on your gift list.


Another great registry gift is silverware. A four-piece setting should be efficient for your needs. Once you add a few children to your family, you will able to purchase a 6 or 8-piece set. These should also be very affordable gift ideas, so take advantage of this opportunity to receive the set of your choosing.


At the end of the day, your wedding registry is a vital part of your wedding! Not only does it help you, but also it’ll help your guests. Make sure to take the time to choose realistic, practical and most importantly, affordable items that your guests won’t mind purchasing.

Where to register your wedding gift list

You and your sweetheart are now engaged and have decided upon a date. Now you have started the daunting task of planning your wedding. While organising your big event, do not forget to think about your wedding registry. Some people don’t like the idea of making a list of expected gifts, but this alternative is very helpful for guests. It’s a tricky question, but you have to admit that nobody wants to give or receive an unwanted present. It’s difficult to please a couple as we all have different tastes and needs. The best way to avoid embarrassment is to let your guests know what you would like to be given for your Big Day.

There are four main trends of wedding list registry:

Wedding List RegistryDepartment stores that provide a wedding gift list service made up from their stock. Registering with a department store is still a very popular option of setting up a wedding list. Usually Department stores will provide you a payment card valid for a certain period of time after the wedding to purchase your gifts. Over this period, some majors stores will offer you to load a part of the remaining money contribution, charging you fees for not being able to spend all the money and others would not give anything back.

You can choose to register with Multiple Stores registry: they allow you to make purchases in a large range of affiliated stores. It’s just like a one-stop shop where you can combine products from different retailers. This solution would also save brides and grooms from spreading the word about many list registries.

In case you already have all items you need to set-up home, you can consider registering towards your honeymoon. There are many websites that offer to register exclusively towards your honeymoon getaway. Honeymoon registry is often the choice of couples already live together.

The ultimate wedding registry option is the universal wedding list registries. Internet use enables wedding couples to compile their gift list from the comfort of their own home and keep track of offered items and gift-givers details up-to-date. The good point is that you can choose to make up your wedding list with any of the options mentioned above: items you would like to receive, your honeymoon getaway, charitable donations etc.. and then ask your guests to contribute. Guests will have an accurate idea of your gift wishes with photos and descriptions. Usually these online gift registries also offer to register your guests contributions over the phone. The most amazing thing about this option is that you can purchase the items you have asked for, pay for your honeymoon or get the contributions in cash! You can set up your wedding website to communicate on all relevant information about your wedding day. This alternative gathers all the good points of other bridal registries.

Make sure you choose the right alternative according to what you really need and remember that as far as the wedding registry is concerned, the most important is flexibility!

Have a wonderful wedding! May all your selections bring you happiness.

What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

So, you’re on cloud number nine – you’re getting married!

You’ve both decided upon a date.  The church is booked, as is the reception venue.  The next thing to organise is the wedding photographer.  But where to start?  Nowadays there are so many places where you could find your ideal professional – and before you go any further, yes they should be professionals, trained in the art of wedding photography.

A friend or relative with a digital camera may offer to shoot your big day as a wedding present.  This is very kind and thoughtful, but unless they are a professional wedding photographer it would definitely not be a good idea.  You may think it is going to save you money, but believe me it would be a false economy.  Don’t forget – when your wedding day is over, the guests have all gone home, the food is eaten, the dress is stored away in the loft, the flowers have wilted and the honeymoon is over – all you have left, apart from your rapidly fading memories, are your photographs.

If they have been taken by an amateur (even a very well-meaning one), and do not live up to your expectations, it’s too late now to retake them.  That’s why it is so vital to find someone who knows what they’re doing, as a wedding is the one day which cannot be recaptured.

There are various methods of finding your wedding photographer.  You may know someone who has recently got married.  Have a chat with them, and ask to see their photos.  Or you may look in your local high street or yellow pages.  But the route taken by the majority of couples is to look on the internet.  There you will be spoilt for choice!  And simply because you have such a wide selection of photographers to choose from, you should be able to find exactly what you want – as long as you know what to look for.

You will want someone who is flexible regarding time.  Many wedding photographers charge more if they stay with you for more than their set number of hours.  Ideally he should remain with you for an unlimited period of time, at no extra charge (yes, they do exist!).

Good Photographer make good pose for you

Good Wedding Pose by Photographer

A husband and wife team, both professional photographers, is also a very good idea.  The female half of the team can take early shots of the bride getting ready, and having her dress laced up in her bedroom, without any embarrassment.  At the same time the male photographer can be capturing the groom getting ready.  These preparation shots are important, for it is the only part of the day when the bridal couple are not together – so these photographs are fascinating when the newly-weds come to view them.

Having two photographers is also extremely useful at other parts of the day.  For example, during the ceremony, one photographer will be at the front of the church whilst the other one will be at the back.  You will therefore get photos from two angles.  And throughout the whole day you will get double the coverage, as your photographers can quite literally be in two places at once!

Wedding soon ...

It is important to discuss with your prospective photographers any special shots you would like taken.  They should be able to cope with virtually any request.  And it is vital that you establish a rapport with your photographers.  If you don’t feel comfortable and relaxed with them, then you will be somewhat tense, which will show in your photos.  Don’t forget you’ll be with your photographers for a long time, and even if the photos are technically correct, if you are portrayed as not enjoying yourselves as much as you should, then you will not be satisfied with the pictures.

Even if your favoured wedding photographers tick all the boxes listed above, you should ensure that you see recent examples of their work.  These should be albums of several complete weddings, not just their best shots.  Ideally they should come to your home to show you their sample work, and spend some time with you.  This also allows you to establish the beginnings of a relationship with them.

And lastly, the price.  I’m afraid that you get what you pay for, so it is always advisable to pay as much as you can afford.  Remember, you’ll still be cherishing these photographic memories for decades to come, long after you’ve forgotten what you paid for them.  If you have to overspend on something, then let it be the photography – you won’t be sorry!

Wedding shoe trends for 2015

Wedding shoes are an important finishing touch for your bridal outfit and can even co-ordinate your entire wedding theme for your big day! From retro to modern, platforms to pumps your wedding shoes make an important statement about you. The latest trend for short bridal dresses means that your shoes no longer need to be hidden away – make your shoes the centre of attention on your wedding day!

Wedding shoe styles for 2014 show a strong move towards high fashion and catwalk elements transformed into beautiful bridal shoes. Classic courts have been transformed into Swarovski crystal encrusted works of art and choosing your wedding shoes has become the most important buying decision for your wedding accessories.

Platform Fever

Platform wedding shoes take centre-stage for 2014. Wedding shoe designers have incorporated covered platforms and curved platforms with peep-toes, sandals and court shoes to create dramatic, glamorous bridal shoes for the new season.

Platform wedding shoes are ideal if you need added height or if you are not used to wearing high heels. Perfect for fashionable brides who want to be right on trend!

Red-Carpet Glamour

The new season sees a continuing trend for ultra glamorous, celebrity-inspired wedding shoes. Red-Carpet glamour embodies itself in sparkling Swarovski Crystal encrusted shoes and sandals with luxurious crystal brooches and trims which will add Hollywood glamour to any bridal look!

Swarovski crystal wedding shoes are ideal for brides who want to be talked about – choose from courts, sling backs or strappy crystal sandals. Perfect statement shoes for brides who want to look and feel a million dollars on their wedding day!

Vintage Wedding Shoes

Vintage-inspired bridal shoes are still popular for designers in 2014. Vintage-inspired crystal brooches and fashionable peep-toes (are joined) by chic pleating details, modern-style Mary Janes with sparkling crystal buckles and new pearl trims.
Vintage wedding shoes are popular for any bridal look – especially if you have a specific vintage or retro theme for your big day. Perfect for brides who want beautiful wedding shoes which will always be fashionable!

Silver and Gold Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoe collections for 2014 are including metallic shoes, leather fabrics and specific styles for evenings, parties and proms. Designers have recognised the need for silver, gold and even nude leather wedding shoes which can be worn by bridesmaids, bridal party or price conscious brides after the wedding day.

Silver and gold wedding shoes are popular for brides who want to add a modern twist to their bridal look – team with matching metallic accessories. Also perfect for winter weddings, bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride.

Shoes fit for the occasion

New 2014 collections offer unique shoe shapes and styles which cater for current bridal trends for themed, location and beach weddings. Designers are introducing bridal pumps for a retro theme, toe-post wedding mules and gladiator-style sandals for beach weddings and weddings abroad and even a bridal trainer for brides who want to feel ultra comfortable!

Ideal if you are a desperate bride looking for the perfect wedding shoes for your beach wedding or simply don’t want to opt for traditional bridal shoes! Perfect for brides who want to be different!

Wedding shoes designers offer the modern bride lots of choice for her perfect wedding shoes but comfort will still be the most important factor for every bride on her wedding day.

Modern bridal shoe collections are using the finest silks and satins, softest leather and highest quality padding with the latest designs, fashionable shapes and trendy trims. Wedding shoe collections for 2014 promise to be the best yet!

How to Have a Cheaper Wedding?

So, now it’s finally sank in that he’s popped the question and you’ve said yes, you’re heart may have sighed when thinking about how much it’s going to cost you both.

After deciding to get married, before starting the preparations, many brides and grooms find they have to decide what there budget is… I know I did. It’s a fact of life that wedding’s aren’t cheap. However it is possible to do them cheaper if you know how! My fiancée and I will be getting married on August 29th 2010 and having a mortgage and a small child who comes with child care fees, we needed to ensure that we could get married on a tight but not too restricting budget.

There have been plenty of ways we have managed to save money on our own wedding and I’m glad this great site has given me the opportunity of sharing my ideas and tips with you, so here goes…

The first thing I did was list what my guest’s strengths are and how I could involve as many of them as possible. I found this a great way of cutting down costs. My father is obviously walking down my isle and my mum is having a pampering session with me on my big day. That left my mum’s hubby Mick at a loose end. Not being able to afford a toastmaster I asked Mick who gladly said yes. He has a great presence and isn’t shy or afraid to use it. With a list of things I want him to say and a dashing red waistcoat instead of ivory like the other members of the male bridal party I know he’s not only going to sound the part, he’ll look the part too!

Toastmasters range in price from £175.00 to £395.00 (that I’ve found) so with the waistcoat only costing me £35.00 I’ve made a saving of at least £140.00.

Music or entertainment is also another way I cut costs. Having recently been to a Scottish wedding, I was wowed at bagpipe players and thought they were amazing. I was adamant I wanted something live for when I make that intense walk down the isle. A close friend and former colleague of mine has a daughter that plays the flute beautifully. I approached her and she very kindly agreed to play me some classical music for my big entrance.

I had discovered that a harpist for 2 hours would cost (the one I approached anyway) £110.00. As I’m only paying for Emma’s food at my wedding, I’ve made a saving of £100.

I have also deviated from tradition as I am having my wedding on a Sunday. The main saving I have found with this is the venue fees and costs. By having my wedding on bank holiday Sunday I have been able to have a late wedding (3.30pm) cutting out the wedding breakfast. I found that many venues would not do this on a Saturday wedding. Saturdays are still the most sort after day for a wedding I suppose as many of us don’t have to get up for work the following day. However as I’m having mine on bank holiday Sunday, my guests wont be either.

I’m also doing a lot of things myself. The theme for our wedding is medieval and to keep in line with this I am making my invitations in the form of scrolls. I have found this quite easy and very cheap. I have worded the invitations in the style of old England which looks great on old looking A5 parchment paper, picked up off Ebay. I’m using the same paper to create place cards, table names and the seating board.

I have also found that making your own wedding favours can be cheaper than buying them. I am also only making favours for the female guests. Favours can be whatever you want them to be. To keep in with my theme I’m making simple rustic style jewellery. I have purchased 2 jewellery making sets at a cost of £40 which will easily make 50 items. Not only has this saved me money, it has also given me a new hobby.

Having a civil ceremony at the Hotel is also saving us some money as we have no need for cars. However, when a close friend of mine got wed a few years back she scoured round her family and friends and used their car to make the journey from church to reception venue. So give your extended family a call and try and get yourself a borrowed car for a couple of hours.

Speaking of the venue, if you’re worrying about the decor at your venue, in particular the colour scheme, I have found it is now possible to obtain chair covers at a lower cost than you’d think. However, there is a catch, which is you have to dress the room yourself. I do think this is a reasonable price to pay for such a deal, should you need to keep the financial cost down, but your venue really does need them.

Keeping in line with the borrowing theme, my “something borrowed” will be jewellery from my best friend. Bridal jewellery doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want it to match your tiara. I’m going for a simple silver tiara which compliments my friends necklace and earrings perfectly.

Small savings may not seem much on their own but I have calculated that the above cost cutting tips have saved my fiancée and I approximately £890.00.

I hope I have given you some ideas of how you can reduce the cost of your own wedding.

Save money on wedding shoes without compromising

Many brides find the budget spiraling out of control at some point in the run up to the big day, so a lot of brides tend to compromise on their shoes and accessories and opt for squeezing their feet into ill fitting shoes without much thought.

The problem is amplified on her big day if she has chosen unflattering or uncomfortable footwear they can become un-wearable in a matter of hours. Months of dress fittings are null and void when they remove their shoes on the day.

Beautiful Wedding Dress

Choosing comfortable footwear is by far as important as choosing the perfect dress!

So opt for a bit of innovation and imagination! We urge brides to have a good look in their wardrobe at their own shoes or accessories. Dig out those sandals (that are comfortable but boring), or those lovely shoes that have only been worn once (because the color is too light to go with anything) – they would be a great option to use – and get them converted into beautiful sparkling wedding shoes!!!

Shoes with crystal weddingWe also suggest a visit to vintage shops for items with character, or finding something borrowed, blue, or old – imagine grannies 40’s style wedding shoes adorned with hundreds of sparkling Swarovski Crystals – WOW????!!!!!!!!

There is also huge recycling opportunity when it comes to bridesmaids too. Why not ask the bridesmaids to look in their wardrobes and find a pair of their comfortable shoes. Flower girls often have their own ballet shoes that would love beautiful covered in sparkling crystals, or matching toe embellishment over different pairs of bridesmaids shoes gives the shoes have a matching theme. This really helps by saving the bride money and stress – but don’t be tempted to take on a big job on the run up to your day, entrust them to a specialist embellishes and get your very own Cinderella Slippers.